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CoinOps Next - Frequently Asked Questions

***** Additional Resources and Documentation *****

RetroFE - The front end for CoinOPS

MAME - The game emulator for Arcade and many Console Games

***** Frequently Asked Questions *****

Q: What are the minimum system requirements?
A: Not much! Windows Vista or newer, Microsoft Visual C++ 2015 Redistributable (x86), DirectX 9.

Q: It’s not working! Where can I get help?
A: The basic software that needs to be installed is in the folder ‘- Fixes when not working!!!’. Install ‘vc_redist.x86.exe’ if CoinOPS will not open and ‘/DirectX 9/DXSETUP.exe’ if the games will not open .

Q: Can I talk to the CoinOPS developers and the community? Can I make requests for future versions of CoinOPS?
A: Yes! Join the Discord community!

Q: How can I access The CoinOPS Project on Discord?

Q: Which controllers are supported?
A: Basically any controller can be used, but by default this is pre-configured for XBOX 360/XBOX 1 controllers and standard MAME controls for 2 players.

Q: Why can't I change my default controls and have them saved?
A: You will need to run ‘\- Advanced Configs\- DEFAULT CONTROLS Unlocked.bat’ to do this. This is locked to stop MAME from removing mapping when no gamepads are plugged in.

Q: How can I restore default controller mapping?
A: Run ‘Restore Xbox Controllers.bat’. This will restore the controllers for Player 1 and Player 2 (Restore Defaults.bat also will do this and more).

Q: How can I connect my PS3 controller and use it as an Xbox 360 Controller?

Q: My USB controllers/light guns keep changing player order. How can I assign a controller to a player position?
A: Here is documentation for MAME to use "stable controller IDs".

Q: How do I modify arcade cheats, default controls, game controls and other settings when playing games?
A: For games running in MAME, click in the Left and Right thumbsticks at the same time or press TAB during game play. You can modify additional settings in MAME by opening \emulators\mame\mame.exe (or mame64.exe).

Q: How do I remove consoles games and make it arcade only?
A: You can run the ‘-  Restore Defaults (Consoles Disabled).bat’ or go into advanced settings and run the ‘- CONSOLE Disable.bat’.

Q: What are the default keys in CoinOPS? How can I change them?
A: Keys in CFW be changed by modifying controls.conf. Some of these change depending on the GUI skin you choose.

Launch Game = A or Start on controller / 1 or Enter on keyboard
Random Game = Y on controller / R on keyboard
Letter Up = Right Shoulder button on controller
Letter Down = Left Shoulder button on controller
Change Game = UP/DOWN
Change System = LEFT/RIGHT
Favorites/All Games = X / B on controller
Options/Mapping (In Game only) = Left+Right Thumbstick Click on controller / TAB on keyboard
Quit Game = Back+Start on controller / Q or Esc on keyboard
Quit CoinOPS = Q or Esc on keyboard / use Shutdown in the Settings

Q: I have an older PC. How do I reduce game slowdown?
A: The best way is to turn off bezel and CRT effects. The following BAT files in “- Advanced Configs’ folder will help you do this:
‘- LCD (4x3).bat’ or ‘- LCD.bat’ or ‘- Fastest Scanlines (4x3).bat’ or ‘- Fastest Scanlines.bat’.

Q: How do I start Utra Street Fighter 4 in Fullscreen?
A: You will need press Alt+Enter while in game this will be saved from then on.

Q: Why does Ultra Street Fighter 4 not boot?
A: The file was deleted by your virus scanner. Extract this file from Emulators/Ultra Street Fighter IV/steam_api.rar but ensure your virus scanner wont delete this file.

Q: Can I use the 32 bit version of MAME?
A: You will need to run ‘\- Advanced Configs\- 32 Bit.bat’ to do this. It is defaulted to using the 64 bit version of MAME but the 32 bit version has better compatibility across PCs.

Q: How do I reset all the settings back to default?
A: These are the restoration options:
‘- Restore Xbox Controllers.bat’ - Restores controller settings back to defaults.
‘-  Restore Defaults’ - Restores Settings, Skin, Controllers, etc.. back to defaults and Turns on Console Games.

Q: How do I fine tune the look and feel of CFW?
A: There are simple modes in the GUI however there are more in advanced Settings, like...
These are the basic MAME video effects options:
‘- Bezels CRT (Glass).bat’ - CRT effects with a glass panel look plus unique bezels
‘- Bezels CRT.bat’  - CRT effects plus unique bezels
‘- Bezels LCD.bat’ - Sharp pixel look plus unique bezels
‘- Cabinet CRT (Glass).bat’ - CRT effects with a glass panel look plus a set cabinet bezel
‘- Cabinet CRT.bat’ - CRT effects plus a set cabinet bezel
‘- Cabinet LCD.bat’ - Sharp pixel look plus a set cabinet bezel
‘- CRT (4x3).bat’ - 4x3 CRT effects
‘- CRT.bat’ - CRT effects
‘- Fastest Scanlines (4x3).bat’ - 4x3 CRT effects *Faster but not as authentic
‘- Fastest Scanlines.bat’ - CRT effects *Faster but not as authentic
‘- LCD (4x3).bat’ - 4x3 Sharp pixel look
‘- LCD.bat’ - Sharp pixel look
‘- LCDSoft (4x3).bat’ - Smooth pixel look
‘- LCDsoft.bat’ - Smooth pixel look
‘- Make CRT Sharper.bat’ - Make CRT effects sharper with less Bloom and Blur effects *Does not work with Fastest Scanlines

These are the advanced MAME video effects options:
‘- Screen Curvature No Scanlines.bat’ - CRT curve effect with no scanlines
‘- Screen Curvature with Bloom Scanlines.bat’ - CRT curve effect with blooming scanlines
‘- Screen Curvature with Sharp Scanlines.bat’ - CRT curve effect with sharp scanlines
‘- Screen No Curvature No Scanlines.bat’ - No CRT curve effect and no scanlines
‘- Screen No Curvature with Bloom Scanlines.bat’ - No CRT curve effect with blooming scanlines
‘- Screen No Curvature with Sharp Scanlines.bat’ - No CRT curve with sharp scanlines

With the Coinop Next build do I need to keep all versions of Coinops 1-2-3? Does the Coinop Next build have all the games found in the earlier versions?

Awesome Arcade Punk Member

hi guys new, here coming over from launchbox.  What do i need to download to get this setup if i want both consoles and arcade to work together?


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