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CoinOps-NEXT-Mame -Add-on-MADMAN help

hello very good I have a great doubt I have downloaded the CoinOps-NEXT-Mame -Add-on-MADMAN pack but there is no executable to play like the other CoinOps packs that I have to do, do I have to download something else? when I remove the folder come the roms videos ectc .. and a folder called Arcade weighs 25gb the pack but I do not know what to do to make it work has no exe or anything agaradecira help thank you very much in advance

This is an ADD-ON pack for CoinOps Next, You need CoinOps NEXT installed....

Thank you very much for the help . one question I am getting off the torrent that says CoinOps NEXT weighs 145 gb? is that the torrent to put the replace files that download CoinOps-NEXT-Mame -Add-on-MADMAN thank you very much in advance

Coin Ops Next is the frontend main, all other add-ons rely  on this, download the 145gb file and find your way round that it's a great frontend with plenty of already installed roms, then read instructions that come with any addons on how to add them to Coin-Ops Next. add-ons can get addictive I've ended up getting them all 🙂 if you need any other help don't hesitate to ask.

Thank you very much for the information . I doubt download the CoinOps-NEXT-Mame -Add-on-MADMAN torrent that weighs 25gb. When I finish downloading the 145gb CoinOps-NEXT torrent do I have to replace the CoinOps-NEXT-Mame -Add-on-MADMAN files in the CoinOps-NEXT torrent? that's my doubt thanks

Firstly extract the CoinOps Next Main. You will see a CoinOps executable in the main CoinOps Next directory, fire that up to have a look at the frontend and the already added games, when it comes to the Mame Addon or any other Add-on there designed to be copied into the main Coinops Next folder this will copy all the addons into there appropriate folders.

Some people prefer to extract the add-ons directly into the folder , I prefer to extract to a seperate location and then copy the files into it, obviously it helps if you've got a large hard drive, I keep one drive for original files and downloads and another for the Main Working Coinops.

So get your Next (145gb) up and running in a seperate folder, then add the updates.

Thank you very much for the help

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