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Config override/Can't access Mame Menu

Hey guys, I'm new to this site and PI but I've built a few PC machines with Rocketlauncher/Hyperspin and Launchbox/Big Box. So i've downloaded several images that are amazing and so simple to install. I'm amazed at how much easier this is than PC setup. It's just crazy. Ok.... Currently running PI 3b+ and running BUDZ71 All Killer 64Gb Image and it's amazing of course. However just like many other images I can't access the damn Mame menu to setup controls for Street Fighter!! That's all I want to do is setup the damn buttons! A few Mame games I can access the menu the usual way via the Tab key. But of course on all my Street fighter games I can't. Very frustrating. I can't believe I'm the only one with this issue. I have tried searching google and this site via search and could not find a solution. I'm using a Mayflash F300 fight stick for my controller. I'm guessing it's either a Mame issue or more likely a Retroarch config override thing. Any help would be appreciated. My apologizes if this was posted in the wrong forum. (Currently updating all packages to most current.)



Nvm guys, I figured it out.

Quote from Notafinger on March 23, 2019, 1:18 pm

Nvm guys, I figured it out.

Hi, how did you figure it out?  Can you please share?  I'm on the same boat.


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