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Controller configuration playbook


I have collection of images from this site and emulationstation controller configuration works fine for most things, except MAME.

I have a Xtension Emulation Edition arcade stick (Ultimarc stick) and there's always games where the controls aren't configured properly. For example (Wolfanoz 64GB Retroarch 1.75):

Arkanoid: Set retroarch controls and it doesn't save my per game config for it.
Arch Rivals: No retroarch configuration, have to hit tab to set MAME settings but I want to match my hotkey+start like the rest of my controls. How do I do this.

Does anyone have a technique or set of repeatable controller coniguration steps they do everytime they get download a new image? Please share. I'm going nuts.

I figured it out. I just had to hit TAB to configure MAME controls. Also, core overrides was a bad idea because it messed up custom borders for all my games so I am using saving custom control configuration instead.

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