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controller not working after starting game *crisp build*

so i’m new to this and started with the crisp build. after mapping my controller i’ll pick a game and the controller won’t work. also after i go into settings and sync my ps4 controller it won’t work when i go back to menu. i don’t know what i’m doing wrong

Go into the Raspberry pi setup, and under advanced settings, expand your file system. Reboot and give it another try and report to let us know how it goes

alternatively, from command line type:

sudo raspi-config

then goto

- advanced settings

- expand file-system

-  reboot


then reconfigure your controller

How awesome is that, the original creator responds ^^^^

Quote from Ninja UK on November 13, 2018, 12:49 am

How awesome is that, the original creator responds ^^^^

You damn straight! :)

I am not sure what happened when running pishrink, but this image doesn't automatically expand upon boot up on another SD card. Some people need to manually expand, and until they do, the hard drive is effectively "full" until expanded. There is a good chance that any changes made won't keep until this is done.

Good luck regardless and please report back with how it went!