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Damaso 32gb Build

Hi everyone,

     I am having some trouble with the latest version of the damaso ultimate v5.  I downloaded the file and formmate the SD card. I used win32 to write the file to the sd card.  When I insert the card in to the rasberry pi b+ nothing comes up on the screen.  Any ideas what would be causing this?  Thanks for the help!!?

When it is done writing, does it say it is good to go? Does it screw up your Windows (assumed) read of the SD card? Check your cords and HDMI input! ...need more details to help?


So it's a black screen from the first second? If you see some of the booting then just black you need to wait atleast 3min for the card to autoexpand then reboot and it should work. If you disrupt the autoexpand maybe the card becomes corrupt and you need to re-write the image.

I see you're mentioning a Pi b+ , is it a 3b+?

Otherwise, try another SD-card if possible.

Thank you, everyone, for the quick responses.  I tested the SD card on another Rasberry Pi and it worked.  Something must be wrong with the new PI b+.  Thanks for all your help.

does your monitor accept 720p?

this image looks great. after getting Wi-Fi working I tried installing the wave share game-hat driver and it bitches about not being able to find headers for this kernel or something like that. Anyone have an idea where that log would be? I'm guessing I need to do something I know nothing about to get it to build. any advice appreciated. (pi 3b+/wave share game-hat).

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