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Does this file structure looks OK to you?

Does this file structure looks logical?
Oh yes, thats the way to do it!! Dont mess with the author, he is wize and bright!
That does not look good.
No man that looks just wrong.

I have downloaded 180 GB Retroscrub to Playstation Classic.

Downloaded via NZB. When unrar'ed, the file structure looks like this -(see attachment)

Does all those files below the folders looks logical to have there? many more files are there, but could not capture all of them.

I was prepared to have most of the files in folders. What is your view?

Unpacking now and then filetransfer to a USB stick 2.0, so that will take many hours, thats why I like some smart peoples view first ?

Please note I have downloaded the NZB two times, using two different rar-programs, same file/folder results.

Uploaded files:
  • YyaWg1k.png
awesome arcade punks member

Answering the question myself.
No, that does not look correct.

After changing to 7zip the file structure looks nice and clean. Transfering now to USB stick. *fingers x'd*

awesome arcade punks member

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