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Driving / Racing Rom sets

I am really surprised I haven't seen any sets put together that's strictly for racing cabinets. I have a hyperspin / racerspin put together with most of the racing roms, but mame is problematic because all of the games are acronym'd. So if someone can put together a mame set with just the racing games, I'll upload my hyperspin / racerspin setup.



I appreciate the response. I have racerspin and that's what I'm actually putting together. What I am actually asking about is a rom pack with just the mame racing roms in them, because its hard to sift through all of the roms to know which ones are the racing games. The only site that atleast had the mame racing games in it's own category was EmuParadise and they no longer have the roms.

What was the outcome did you find ? did you make ?

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