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Every Hyperspin tutorial to complete your setup

hi all, Ninja2bceen here. Been using hyperspin for nearly a decade and am very active on the hyperspin website with 4000 some posts. I’ve dedicated my time to complete my nested wheel set up, I have 130 systems set up and 250 playlist systems set up. The nested wheel makes this very appealing and I would not recommend that many systems without it. My YouTube channel is dedicated to tutorials and I dish 2 or 3 out a week! There are at least 50 tutorials so far. Please request tutorials as well! Subscribe and share!

playlist on setting hyperspin up in order

emulator set up playlist

Showcase playlist

add on tutorial

Artwork tutorials

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I plan on doing an emumovies ftp for life contest each month. Don’t miss it! This one ends on oct 31st!

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Here is a sample of the nested wheel main menu but be sure to check out my showcase playlist for more.... so much more content coming


Learn how to Add transitions and nab the transition that I use too while you are there!

I've scripted the mame set from the bezel project! There is a gotcha I had to overcome which was some bezels were vertical but I did us all a solid and got through that! Mame bezel sweetness awaits and I've also uploaded all the bezels that I have collected for MAME thus far along with the instruction cards which are hard to find! check out the emumovies ftp!

be sure to turn on alerts so you don't miss a beat


Get ready... videos for screensavers and snes and genesis complete bezel packs for genesis, snes, nes, mame released on my channel


Adding a dynamic screensaver

Check out the Atari 7800 complete bezel set! I've scripted them from the bezel project, enjoy! Like, share, and subscribe!


This has to get out there, it should be a required thing for all emulation fan! If you have any controllers set up within Mame or any other system, you have to get this! This ensures that your controller set up is ALWAYS right, take that microsoft, hehe


Welcome to Arcade Punks Buddy, been following your tutorials at your new section

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