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First Build HELP

Hey Guys

A few weeks ago i came across this Youtube video "Raspberry Pi Retro Arcade using RetroPie (with NO programming) "LINK "  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RcsKNryPAzw&feature=share

So I ordered A Raspberry Pi 3 B+ and a Ipac 2 Controller board, will this work if i still follow the same steps shown in this video? Or No?  I feel like I may of just wasted my pennies.

Would really appreciate some guidance

Cheers guys

I cant bring myself to watch anymore of that video :)

Its simple

DOWNLOAD one of the numerous images as showcased on this site all the time :)

If its in 'parts' such as rars or zips then EXTRACT THEM ALL

then 'burn' the image to micro SD card

pop it in your Pi and play...


Hey Ninja,

Im currently extracting the files , ([128gb] RetroRama.Rampage v2 (RetroPie 4.4 Stretch) 9-2-18-James)  my Pc is telling me 6-8 hours? am i drunk or is my computer trash?