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CREDIT MT @ Retro Vers le Futur

Hello, happy new year 2020 to all. I have a little gift for you, here is a retro Rom / ISO pack translated into French, this pack is an update of my previous pack that will be a kind of fullset of amateur translations released so far.

They are pretty heavy because they contain dreamcast, Mega CD, SFC and Saturn games among others. You will also find a small section of the latest us translations of the games not to be missed and a bonus section with unreleased games.

So these packs are roma that I have fixed myself but are in no way approved by any translation team, by the way I thank you very much for their great work.

Here's the update:!lcglkSwC!ylITwtCpWpdwrhj2ZArH7c4-p5FQoAOEgW1x-RbSWnQ

And The Original Pack:!8NwXyAoS!qD_vMo8NKgtUSzz9mtkw7G09MAx63eUzOSctRMGvF5Q

Edit: the same but in 1 File, thanks to sébastien ethan paolyna thiessart for the upload.

Pack Update :

Original Pack:

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