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Game wizard help

Whenever i was working with my rasberry pi i installed game wizard emulator and changed the setting parse gameslist on and an arcade list came up with about 9000 arcade games that i could potentially play and i tried and they didnt work and that's because i haven't downloaded them yet or so i think so i go to the place where you could download all of the other stations yet the one that i was looking at and wanted which was arcade was not in the file i really want to play these arcade games and if anybody knows where they are please let me know where i can find them the pictures are of the arcade list and the place i looked to download it and it wasnt there i also have to turn games parselist off in order to access the gamewizard rc2 pi edition launcher i can play all of the games on the atari that is next to arcade because i found it to download

edit: it doesn't seem like i can put pictures on here at the time sorry

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