by Arcade Punk

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General Question: How do you guys handle all the game duplicates for several systems?

Hey arcadepunks 🙂

Top line already says it all... I was wondering if you keep all the duplicate games we collect over the time for all the different systems or if you maybe just leave one on the original system they came out, if you have that information - and remove the rest.

Just curious... 🙂

There are some roms that are dependent on others. The short answer is yes. MAME is notorious for coming out with updates to rom sets. I've even downloaded entire updated rom sets and delete the old ones. It's better safe than sorry in some cases.

MAME is truly a case of it's own... I downloaded literally everything availlable of one equal output version and installed it using a howto found here. I am pretty sure i can remove tons of GB without missing one functional game. I know there's a tool out there, which you can use to create a new romset based on your files, removing all the useless files, but i heard you easily can mess up all of it... I would need proper advice on that 😉


What about all the other systems? PSOne, PS2, Gamecube, N64 and so on? There are so many games released for many systems. All the duplicates you normally don't need to keep...

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