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Getting trackball to work on All Killer no Filler 128Gig image.

I'm really loving the All killer no filler 128 gig image. 98% of it works amazingly.

I've tinkered with it LOTS , learnt LOT and had to reload the image LOTS. (All part of the process)

My biggest frustration is trying to get a trackball to work with some of the games IE: Centipede

I see that most of the arcade games run in FBA and from what I have read it doesnt do trackballs. If I try and boot the games in Mame 2010 and 2003 (They do handle a trackball from what I have read) the roms just dont start up.
Im at a big loss at what to do. I had hoped that BUDZ271 might be able to upload a modified settings file that allowed people to use a trackball with his otherwise EXCELLENT image. Do you know how I could contact him or are you able to upload a modified config / settings file.

I would be highly appreciative 😉

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