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Greetings all retro player.

Hi guys,

Well im older than most of you visitors ( 42 ) - Been popping onto this site for quite a while now - In fact I even donated last week ( Before I reliased that I hadn`t registered on the forum! ). I have been messing around on computers since 1981 - First modem when I was 14 ( 24oobps ) - Surfed 1000+ of BBS`s, became a sysop with a four node ringdown lol - Courier for some scene groups, then settled down - married - family - work etc. Back building arcade cabs now in the evening for a hobby. Looking forward to sharing some good ubuntu/pi/windows collections with the rest of this community.

2 years older than me fella :)

Sounds like a very familiar background lol

Welcome to the site :D