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Hello from Germany 😉

Hello all,

was starting my Gaming journey with an Texas Instruments TI 99 4A, moving to Commodore Vic 20 than Commodore 64 and some Amigas to an IBM PC.

From Gameboy to the Wii and from Psx 1 to 4 , gaming was always a part of my life 🙂

I love Retro gaming because when i was a Child i played Galaga, Crazy Kong , Space Pilot or Moon Patrol in the Pubs and cinemas i was living.

Thank you for doing this great Site and ty becoming a part of this .

PS: Sorry .. my English is not that good but i think you know what i mean 😉


English is good 🙂


Welcome to the forums, glad you get the chance to relive some classics 😀

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