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Hello from Ramsgate

Hi everyone. I’ve always used Mame however I’ve just invested in a new gaming laptop so going to kick off the hyper spin. Mainly because I worked on a few video games back in the day and I want to show my sons it’s not all about fortnight ! Im still trying to get my head around how I create the wheels I”m time constrained so would like to just be able to download what I need. I live in ramsgate , Kent UK any gamers from there please DM me.

Hey dude

Hyperspin does take some setting up, however there are some premade packs out there, check out the downloads on this very site, would advise usenet (nzb) as the way to go , because most have been about a while and Im sure the seeders are low.

Else check out Launchbox (and buy big box) as its dead easy to set up , much easier than Hyperspin.

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