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Hello hello

Hi guys,

new to the forum. Have had a semi successful emulation station setup on my media PC for a while. Currently downloading hyper PC and hopefully will change over to that but the torrent for the media pack is so slow. Also am looking at turning an old laptop in a console style system and will load it with hyper PC also. Currently just building a simple box to house the board and give it a custom kind of look, just a simple design.  I'm just a general hobbiest like to have a crack at all sorts of things.


*Edit* after reading some of these forums now I don't know if I want hyperpie PC or hyperspin. It's mainly for my kids so a bazillion consoles isnt necessary I use 360 controllers and would play from n64 onwards for the most part. Would really like the preview movies etc I was just checking out pipiggies 1tb option. Any out there that house more modern consoles like PS3 Xbox/360 I'm happy to hear anyone's suggestions and will keep on reading while I decide

I believe the PiPiggies is setup for xbox 360 controller, worth checking out , its lovely!

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