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Hey guys I’m new to this group I just joined and I am literally downloading this mega pack as we speak but honestly I don’t know what the hell im doing I know my basics like modding and hacking basics and beginners nothing Rosen but I stumbled upon this through ETA Prime and fell in love with this whole emulation on your computer and being fully overloaded with everything this is a amazing this Ian all I’ve ever wanted was to have everything through easy access which seems like this launch box is perfect for me but will downloading this Megan pack from wolf already have the free launch box account set up or would I still haven to set it up and then add everything myself if so how do I add everything I’m downloading from this file to the launch box? SORRY FOR MY IGNORANCE IM JUST A HUGR FAN OF THIS!

Sorry dude, but what is your question, what do you actually need help with ?

Have you seen the videos ?

Download, and play....

If you upgrade to bigbox it makes the front end even better, but thats not required if you choose not too 😀

@SolidSnakeOnAPlane, Wolfanoz release is pretty much plug and play. It works out of the box very well and, of course, is already integrated with Launchbox. You can use the free version of Launchbox provided in the release or buy a premium licence from the developer's website. Then simply add the licence to Wolfanoz release to unlock all the premium features.

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