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Help finding some games I can't locate.

Recently I lost all my games exe files due to a virus (my own fault) and it has taken quite a while building them back up again.

I needed the 113 Itbox games download that's on here but the link has been broken for some time, it has been reported.

I don't want to contact Aladdin at the moment I know he has some personal things going on and I asked on the facebook page but no luck, I understand people have their lives to get on with but maybe someone reading this can help me with the 5 games i'm missing.

They are C4Q , Monopoly Streets Ahead , Pieces of Eight , Pirates , Super x Bingo and one other which is not in the 113 file but I need Tri Towers.

Thanks in advance.

i can look to see if i have them ill post back if i do

Thank you my friend much appreciated.

I have to say how disappointed I am, there must have been hundreds who downloaded this file and only Streetmedic has replied.

I only want 6 games which wouldn't take to long to zip and post, has the days of sharing vanished.

I don't think Aladdin would mind 6 files being shared.

Hopefully one day the link will be fixed and everybody can enjoy the games Aladdin has made available.

Well last week I was disappointed and now another week has gone by with no replies or help, I understand people have busy lives and it's holiday time but honestly 6 small files to send is that a monumental task?

Even more disappointed.

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