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HELP ME understand this messy world of emulation!!!

Hi everyone and first thank you for this website, it's been really appreciated in the last days. I need someone to help me understand how all of this is working. I am really CONFUSED at the moment.

I see all terms and stuff and even with google searches the information is limited.

At the moment I see theses "multi-emulation systems" that can be use to manage a game library:

- Lakka (linux os)

- Batocera (recalbox dev making a new project because recalbox was dead)

- Recalbox (recalbox 4.1 is made of stolen code from batocera and it's not as stable)

- Retropie (raspberry pie os)

I'm also seeing terms that confuses me a lot:

- Emulationstation (this is the graphical interface used by recalbox, batocera and retropie?)

- Hyperspin (is this the universal metadata system used in batocera, recalbox and retropie??)

- Motionblue (seriously what is this? another system or a metadata something...?)

- Retroarch (is this a framework beside all of theses??)


I'm actually trying to build a rom database that would work both on Retropie and Batocera (to revive old laptops) with all metadata of all consoles ever made.

I already have lots of romset (taken here and at other places on the web) which I've all renamed to the game name, deleted duplicates etc...


I was working with Renamer on mac which is useless when it comes to renaming thousand of roms which have the developer name in it. So I've found "Dons Hyperspin Tools 43 Beta Significant Rom Renamer" which unfortunately (base on my tests) leaved 50% of my Apple II roms unchanged. Is it because they're Unofficial releases of because the tools can't match them?

Also how do I manually get boxart, videos, wheel, covers, xml, etc manually from my roms list?

Right now I feel like I'm loosing my time and that I'll have to restart from scratch. Any help is welcome! Thanks a lot!

To scrape your roms you can use Universal XML Scraper

Quote from RetroGamerz on November 14, 2017, 12:29 am

To scrape your roms you can use Universal XML Scraper

I've scrape the ataro2600 roms for testing and the meta doesn't work in batocera. i've chosen recalbox as batocera wasn't in the options. and for my post if it can help someone i made a list of all the terms with explanations.

Retropie = Retroarch + Emulationstation pre-installed and configured on (Debian) a linux kernel.

Hyperpie = Retropie on attract mode pre-installed with meta/art. Only works on Raspberry Pie.

HyperPC = Hyperpie for PC.

Motion Blue = Retropie on attract mode pre-installed with meta/art. Raspberry Pie and PC versions.

Batocera = Updated version of Recalbox from an old dev of Recalbox. More stable and more features.

Recalbox = Linux based OS for emulation.

Lakka = Linux based OS for emulation.

Hyperspin = Windows and Android application with a frontend to manage emulators.

Emulation Station = Graphical interface used by Retropie, Hyperpie, HyperPC, Motion Blue, Batocera and Recalbox.

Retroarch = Frontend for emulators, game engines and media players. Used by Retropie, Hyperpie, HyperPC, Motion Blue, Batocera, Recalbox and Lakka.


I have never tried Batocera but it should work if you you choose recalbox I think like you did .It works in Retropie and Emulationstation for PC.I run Emulationstation inside of Windows.To me is the the easiest way to go when it comes to setup the emulators and that way it works great when I scraped my roms and I picked retropie in Universal XML Scraper.Im not a linux guy so windows is easier at least for me.Launchbox for PC is also very easy to setup but it is not free.You did not mention that on.

A guy on youtube has put together a preconfigured Emulationstation for PC that you can try if you want

you only need to scrape your roms and put them in correct folder and configure your controller