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Help! Raspberry PI 3B+ Turning Off after 5 seconds

What's up guys!

I'm facing something really awkward.

Just bought my first Raspberry  to build an arcade console, but things are bad at this moment.

Downloaded Galileo's Cobalto V2 128gb, burnt the image to the sd card (Samsung Evo) and when I tried to test it, it keeps restarting every f***ing 5 seconds later.

I've already tried another image, but nothing seems different.

At first time I thought it was the power supply because of the yellow lightning, but I've also changed to another one.... no success again.

Any ideia what could have happened? Please, tell me there is nothing wrong with the board itself!!!




First is there anything on the screen right before it restarts.  If you can snag an image of it right before it restarts it may tell us something.

Second I know you have tried other images but have you tried other SD cards?

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