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Help with adding more emulators to Hyperspin

Hi everybody !

I just discovered this site & wow !! there is loads of stuff on here but Wow it's very difficult to understand it all. I have tried hundreds of times to add more emulators to my Hyperspin set up & Ahhhhhh ! I can't seem to do it. I currently Have Hyperspin with Rocket Launcher with Mame & Daphne emulators working great, I know how to update Mame & add more games to my wheel with artwork etc. but adding more emulators is slowly making me want to throw my pc at the wall again. I please want help with adding more emulators, I only want my Hyperspin set up to run just arcade games so it's not going to have absolutely loads of other emulators like some set ups I've seen on Youtube. I will gladly help others in return & not just the once either I'll gladly help others for as long as the site is going.


Personally I would download and watch some of the HYPERSPIN BOLT ON videos and read some of their info ?



Thing is I got my hyperspin working with my controller & don't wanna delete what i got, I tried 1 of the base 1s & added my roms & media but couldn't get what i have working. but thanks

You need to edit module from RocketLauncher folder, edit module with notepad++ and add name what for the system you want (ex: Capcom Play System)

Hi there taelonian hfs thanks for your reply but i haven't got a clue in what you mean & i'm pretty sure it would take you 5 mins to do but I just can't figure it out. I can help people in updating MAME but updating Hyperspin is really hard that's why I need someone like you that could talk me through it or better show me through team viewer. I'm not gonna be that person that gets help then goes away when i got what I want, i'm the person that wants to help others that's my nature. There can't be that many emulators to add to my Hyperspin set up as I only want to play the arcade games.  I'm on skype or if in the uk I can phone you so please can you e-mail me

read you have an email