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hi all i need help

Hi all iam new to all this arcade gaming. i have got itbox running fine with  itbox server in my cabnet. i want to add a coin mach to this can anybody help?

i have found on other sites software called banker. In the readme file it says map the collect button from front end to a file and carnt find out how to do this.

i hope you can help


Hi bud, this feature was never added to simpletouch fe "as far as I know". I have worked with the banker emu and have found that not many games work with it as is and had to make lots of modes to it to get it working. Your best bet is to write a script that runs before simpletouch that says if you touch the screen at the top left to run the cashout.php that place a button at that position in the simpletouch skin you are using.