by Arcade Punk

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Hi I'm a Noob Jeff

I live in China but from the USA.  I just built a Raspberry Pi 3+ and it looks great.  I could only get one PS4 controller to work, not the other two.  Plus, I was looking for a package with all the Daphne games and the arcade Journey from the actually band back in 1983?  Size is not a problem.  What is the largest SD Card this will handle?  I did purchase a flight stick here in China with Rumble feature for about $7.50.  I took it apart and found all the leads.  I want to get 4 Mag Stick Plus some buttons and a trackball.  I'm wanting to put a 55 or 65" TV.  I want to go balls to the walls retro 70's 80's and some 90's.  Once this is complete, its off to a virtual Pinball machine.  Any pointers please welcome..


Thanks Jeff

Welcome to the club !! Sounds like your gonna be a very busy fella !

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