by Arcade Punk

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Hi, im in need of help .

Hi people, ive recently saw some videos online of an arcade cabinate and thought yeah lets give it a go.?

ive got a rasberry model 3 b+, set up very basically with retropie. ive got some roms working on there.

but what do i do with these imags i download from this site? ive tried to copy them over to a micro sd card and it doesnt work when i put the sd card into the pi,, i just get a multicoloured screen, im not sure if im mean to be flashing the downloads to a memorystick or a sd card. i have retro pi currently installed on a 32gb sd card. but i have a 128 gb sd card and a 128gb memory stick to play around with. if you guys could offer any help that would be great thank you 😀

Hi, welcome!

Download the image...

If its in multi parts then check out this

Then write it to the sd card like this:-

then make sure it goes in a compatible device - i.e. make sure its a 3b+ image that goes in , as 3b images WONT boot in a 3b+

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