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How can I change emulators in coinops next?

Hello and thanks for this awesome software with all these great classic games:) I'v been using coinops on xbox for many years and on xbox everything is kinda plug and play like it seems to be also on pc. But still I consider myself beeing a rookie when it comes to emulators on pc when you have to edit paths, filenames and write commands. So I would like to know how can I change one emulator to another when using coinops? For example I would like to use Nestopia for nes games instead of MAME which is default. I went in "" folder and opened "NES.conf" and changed executable patch to match Nestopia location. When I try to launch a game in coinops, Nestopia launches but it gives me an error "file not found". I assume it got something to do with a rom path but I don't know what to do. So if someone could help me a little I would be really appericiated. Thank you:)

i would consider myself a rookie but i found coin ops next the best laid out file structure making it easy to figure out. i had changed my console games to run on retroarch but it lost all the bezels and effects so i went back to the mame. changing the emus is easy and only requires you to change a config file and a few attributes but they are easily found on the emulators webistes...

...all the best!

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