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How to combine multiple cores and romsets into one arcade collection

I'm having a hell of time trying to assemble a large clean working arcade game collection without a bunch of broken or duplicate games. My understanding is the best way to create an arcade game collection is to use a patch work of different cores and romsets to ensure the best core for each game is used and to ensure a wide range of both older and newer games are playable. For example one of the pre-made images might use the MAME 2003+ core for the bulk of the arcade games, then use Final Burn NEO core/romset for newer arcade games that MAME 2003+ doesn't play,  ADV MAME core/roms may be used to play a few, and then maybe Redream core for the atomiswave stuff, etc. Am I correct in that understanding?

If so, what is the best way to assemble the collection and sort it to prevent duplicates between romsets and remove broken games?

I will be installing this on n a non-pi  devicew similar performance specs to a pi3+/pi4. So installing a pre-built image or add on pack is not an option. I'll have to put it together myself.

I tried to extract the curated collection from the hursty/wolfanoz arcade collection but I am not familiar with the file structure of retropie so I have been unable to locate all the roms nor identity the core to ROMs association for each.

Are there DAT files available for what I'm trying to do to sort with a rom manager program? Or perhaps someone can help me understand how extract the ROMs from a prebuilt image? Any other ideas?

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