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How to configure player 2 control with one keyboard, on raspberry pi3 and retropie.

Hi to all, i've this big problem:

I've adapted my rasp pi3 on my arcade cab (jvs virtua tennis, sega naomi board). I've used a hdmi to vga converter for video, and a keyboard encoder  for the control input. The big problem is how to set controls for the second player. Because emulation station seems recognize a keyboard as controller, but i can configure only the buttons for player one! How can i resolve this issue? I've used this image:

Thanks in advance for reply and help!

I had a problem with a fake Pandora's Box, aka Pandora Box 6 1099 Games, it had Joy Output, window's, ps3 seen it as 2 player
For Retropie / EmulationStation I had to add this line in the cmdline.txt in Boot,  usbhid.quirks=0x19fd:0x3232:0x040, it will be different for yoi

edit the file     opt/retropie/configs/all/retroarch.cfg

and add the following (making changes for the buttons you want to use on your keyboard)

input_player2_a = a
input_player2_b = s
input_player2_y = q
input_player2_x = w
input_player2_start = 2
input_player2_select = 6
input_player2_l = i
input_player2_r = k
input_player2_left = g
input_player2_right = d
input_player2_up = f
input_player2_down = r

any emulators that don't work after this will need to be configured one by one

say snes is not working after this then edit  /opt/retropie/configs/snes/retroarch.cfg

and add the same thing you added before

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