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I cannot figure out how to show game wheels to save my life.

I recently have  started down my creating an arcade cabinet journey and decided to start with the system portion of it first.  I was an image running on my pi 3b as well as get my roms on it up and running. I then started on getting thing to look how I wanted.  I was able to change how the systems look to where they show the wheel art instead of  white text. The problem I have is that I cannot figure out how to do the same thing to the games. I have the wheel art in the correct folders but I cannot figure out how to change the text from white text to wheel. Any help would be greatly appreciated. I have included two pictures to show what I am talking about.

Uploaded files:
  • IMG_20190105_084016.jpg
  • IMG_20190105_084030.jpg

Correct me if Im wrong, but cant you only do wheelart in attract mode not emulationstation ? Im probably wrong

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