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Image, ROMS, Saving Games & High Scores

Hi everyone,

I built a tabletop last year using Raspberry Pia and added a 64gb image with ROMS from this site. However I find I’m not using it loads because of a few things including having too many games! So I’m hoping you wonderful people could help me with the following;

* Image with just the classic games (less than 100 to start) through the decades, that I can add to as and when.

* Info on how to easily save progress during a game (my current combo of buttons and slots is easy to mess up)

* Info on how high scores on classic arcade style games can be saved

I’m hopeful this info will re-spark my retro love!

Thanks in advance.


"Too many ROMs"

Some believe its not a problem, others, like yourself, are experiencing it....

There are LOADS of games and LOADS of images... However , May I suggest....

As it seems RIGHT "UP YOUR STREET"....

32gb Dynamo Elite from The Dynamic Duo – You’ve never seen a Pi Image like this and You’ll NEED IT!

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