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Interface Problem


Hello again. It turns out that I have an arcade machine with two controllers like this:

With the games there is no problem, but with the interface I have the problem that everything is moving automatically after a joystick or button press.

For example: I scroll through the list of games and at one point a press makes it continue moving in that direction, being the only way to stop pressing that direction again.

With the buttons that change the letter the same thing happens, one press and have to press again to stop the automatic movement.

It does not always happen but it is annoying.

Are both controllers wired EXACTLY the same ?

Yes, I have also tried Windows 7/10 and CoinOps Next and Arcadia 5. The problem is only with the interface, not with the games.

I have tried to modify the configuration files without success.

Unplug P2 and see if it still happening, could be a software conflict of the same IRQ or something

I tried disconnecting one player and then another without success.

I think it has to do with the configuration files (global.conf and controls.conf).

For example, in controls.conf second line of text (down) one parameter says joyAxis5+ and another says deadzone, but the documentation does not appear.

From the RetroFE forum they say it is due to the SDL library that it does not always register the release of a button.

same problom for me


Hello, thank you for this version which is really extraordinary bravo.
Despite everything I have a problem like you, I have an arcade machine with 2 USB sticks.
In the menu it is very complicated to scroll because it goes on its own and stopping it is not easy.
Also my player 1 and 2 are reversed knowing that it's usb I don't see how to do it. If someone could help us

I have Arcade Joystick DIY Kit Zero Delay USB Controller PC to Arcade Joystick + Push Buttons + Wire Harness for MAME this plugged into a NUK pc


Quote from Charly_2005 on March 16, 2020, 11:36 pm


Thank you Charly but the link does not work,

apparently it is necessary to put another retrofe.exe for Pieter Hulshoff, but I can't see the link to receive it, would you have the possibility to put it here?



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