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IPAC 4/ trackball image options?

I have a setup with the IPAC4 and the Ultimarc u-track USB.  I run a Pie with 3+B.

1) Is there an image that is friendly to the IPAC key configuration?  I am capable of swapping out the 2 player roms for 4 player roms that I already have, so that isn't the big issue.  However it seems the images I try have hot keys set up and enabled already.  Example: When I press 2 player up this is "F" key.  I am currently running the 128 regaled reloaded v2 supreme build and F key flashes the screen black.  Also some of the other buttons when trying to configure the 4 player inputs obviously have hotkeys assigned.  They will pause the game or change resolutions.  I have tried the Hot keys disabled from retropie script setup and that did not help.  In this image I cannot find the input hokey binds screen in retro arch.  I tried going to attract mode and accessing setting from there and could not find it.

2) Is there an image that has the track ball configured for mame2010 roms like Golden 98 99 2k? 128 regaled reloaded v2 supreme build I can play goldentee, shuuz, and shuffleboard with the trackball perfectly.  These use MAME2003.  However games that load  MAME2010 do not recognize the trackball.  So it appears it isn't a universal trackball configuration issue.  



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