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Just a few of my Machines

Here's the only one of it's kind... Just might be the only I'll ever build... It was a pain.. Let's just leave it at that.  Unless of course somebody wants to shell out enough dough to make it worth it..... 😉

The other  two were a Tron machine with a 48" display and I had engraved a circuit design on the bottom that would flash and change colors . The other was a pedestal style cabinet, which had a second screen (well technically, if it wasn't plugged into a widescreen tv it would be it's "only" screen) that would change

according to what system you were navigating, or game you were hovering over/playing..

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  • 22528531_2119199324772738_5181106941617022804_n.jpg
  • 27072944_2280808051945197_150135726346076169_n.jpg


Here's a couple more, the latest and greatest..

The first has a 55" screen, i-5 6600K, GTX 1070ti,

16gb RAM, Virtually virtual reality ready PC, and

of course 3Tb for all the ROMZ.....


The next few were other past creations worthy of a mention...

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  • 69645008_3593244114034911_8504952590964883456_n.jpg
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