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Launchbox No Intro Collection MGT Sam Coupe

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Title=”Launchbox No Intro MGT Sam Coupe – SteelCityJJ″ 

AWESOME STUFF !! I never had a Sam Coupe, but remember all the cool rich kids telling us how shite our Spectrums now were....

Launchbox No Intro Sam Coupe Add-on from SteelCityJJ

hi im getting a no module error. I checked in rocket launcher and it seems the module is missing. any ideas?


Here's the module

thanks mate, im having the same issue with your cd32 pack.

is it my fault? am I being an idiot?

Is your RocketLauncher up to date?


I'll zip up a module pack for you when I get home tonight.

yeah it is I even downloaded it again last night and checked that version, it didn't have the modules I needed.

the module pack would be great, thanks, also the cd32 pack didn't display the system icon...


OK, I'll do a separate icons pack too then.  I've created some myself but the Amiga CD32 I already had.  Are you building off of Colpipes1978 base no intro?

yes mate using his base pack


modules -

icons -

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