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Launchbox No Intro Nintendo Switch



Note Yuzu is still buggy and some users may experience poor performance. Yuzu cache’s its shaders which will cause frame stutter, this is normal. The games selected here are classed as at least “okay” by Yuzu. To check performance issues, visit here:

The Emulator is the portable version

Install Instructions

1)      Download and extract

2)      IMPORTANT take the contents of the folder “PLACE THESE FILES IN APP DATA” and copy to “C:\Users\YOUR USER NAME\AppData\Roaming. You may need to enable hidden folders in Folder Options to be able to see the folder App Data.

3)      Copy the folders Emulators, LaunchBox and RocketLauncher into your install directory

4)      Open up Global Emulators.ini (located in \RocketLauncher\Settings) and add the following:







5)      Open Yuzu emulator located here: D:\downloadz\Launchbox No Intro Nintendo Switch\Emulators\Yuzu and set the controls in the Emulation/Config/Controls

6)      Enjoy and Play

Hi, thanks alot for all the superb work from you adding more and more  packs for this Launchbox Set!!




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