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Launchbox No Intro Sammy Atomiswave-Colpipes1978



Install Instructions 

This uses the latest Demul 0.7 and is a seperate emulator than the dreamcast pack. There is a known issue with the controls on Ranger Mission using the mouse. A fix will be uploaded once fixed. Games may take a while to load. This is normal as the module waits for the title screen

1) Download and extract

2) Copy and paste into install directory

3) Open up Demul and make sure the the plugins and paths are set correctly. By default this has been set to the D drive. This includes pointing it at the games folder


D:\Launchbox No Intro\Emulators\Demu Arcade\Bios

4) Open up Global Emulators.ini (located in Launchbox No Intro\RocketLauncher\Settings) and add the following:

[demu 0.7b]

Emu_Path=..\Emulators\Demu Arcade\demul.exe


Module=..\Demul\Demul (v0.7b).ahk



5) play and enjoy

Awesome! Thanx alot dude! 🙂

Thanks for the upload.


I seem to be having an issue with the install. After copying everything over and setting config>plugins and paths in demul etc, I go to run launchbox but I get an error:  Access to the path 'D:\Launchbox No Intro\LaunchBox\Data\Platforms\Sammy Atomiswave.xml' is denied.


Any ideas?

Oh I KNOW THAT ONE! unchecking "read-only" in "Sammy Atomiswave.xml"'s file properties will solve the problem hehe

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