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Linux Mint and a USB boot image

Hi all,

  1. My apologies if this has been answered before, I wasn't sure how to phrase the question for a search.

I've been using Windows 10 w/ Launchbox for awhile now, but I'm looking to smooth things out a bit. This PC is used exclusively for emulation in a cabinet, so I don't want/need the hassle of Windows updates hogging my disk amongst other things.

Question: Can I install Linux Mint as the primary OS for the PC and install a preconfigured image on a secondary drive (maybe even set the image as the boot drive)?

I have a 3 B+ with a preconfigured image on it and I love the ease of use, transitions, music, bezels, etc.

I'd love to have the same configuration free experience on a PC. If it's doable, does anyone have a suggestion as to the best image/set for a MAME/Arcade only cabinet?


Thanks for the help!

Attract Mode for PC  (click the link for lots of premades!) - thats the closest you will get or look at bactora linux (thats its own operating system for recalbox)

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