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Looking for loaded PC frontend image

I have a Dell 6000 small pc that I want to use to play games but can't seem to work out how to set it up. I installed recalbox that wants to run from a usb but I wanted it to run from an internal hard drive. I figured out how to do this and it worked great. I played the games that came with recalbox and they worked great. The hard drive that I burned the image to is 250gig but inside RB it only shows (I think) around 60gig. I am not connected to a network so loading roms became a huge issue. First I wanted to store them on the same drive with the recalbox os (that is only showing a small amount of the space available) and I wanted to transfer the roms via usb (the largest usb I had available was 32gig) and I couldn't really figure out how to do that anyway. I tried to take out the hard drive from my recalbox pc and hooking it up to a drive dock I have on my pc but the pc wouldn't read it. I was going to do this to see if possibly I could add the roms directly to the recalbox os from my windows pc and possibly resize the recalbox partition to show the correct size.

I downloaded CoinOPS Forgotten Worlds 3 PACKED and ran that on my windows PC and it worked great. So thought that I would install windows 7 on the old PC and use the CoinOPS. That method came with a whole list of issues like getting the game frontend to load on startup (I figured that out), windows running into a problem and popping up messages in the middle of a game and then having to exit the games frontend and fix the windows issues when I have just the gamepad hooked up ( would have to hook up a mouse and keyboard to fix the problems)  But I don't want Windows on the old system.

I guess that my only real question is: Is there a stand-alone Recalbox style OS that comes preconfigured and loaded that can be installed on an internal harddrive.

I have also tried Batocera but the only packed versions that I see are for Rasberry Pi. I did download the PC X86 Batocera image but couldn't really get that to work correctly. I have also installed Lakka (not keen on the UI) but would be willing to try anything.

COINOPS Would be the way forward , unsure why you had so many pop ups ??

CoinOPS Arcade Front End For PC


Check out all the other attract mode for PC downloads

Attract Mode for PC


HarrisonHacks vintage collection?

Harrison Hacks ‘Vintage Collection’ Front End For PC


Motion Blue Unified PC ?


PiPiggies 8tb Hyperspin?

8TB Loaded Hyperspin from PiPiggies



Download Hyperspin Versions


Launchbox (including 2.5tb wolfanoz!)

Launchbox/Big Box Front End


CP78 All Hits no Shit?


Thanks so much, Ninja. I will give w few of them a try and, if it's OK, I will let you know how it goes. Cheers

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