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Looking for pi3b+ image..

Hey, i'm looking for some image that will fit my 128GB micro sd card, unfortunately it's a one of the cheap brands and 3 images i have downloaded wouldn't fit.

I need image which isn't bigger than 126GB after unpacking, could anyone suggest me some? Hopefully they exist.. below is my micro sd SS from HD Tune.

Compatible with Raspberry Pi 3b+ as in title.

Uploaded files:
  • B2łu.png

Just a small update, for now i found [128GB]-Gold.Community.Edition v7.0-4.4.2-VirtualMan.and.2Play which is like 124GB and i'm downloading it right now, but it's quite old image. (almost 2 years old)

If there is anything more recent please let me know or if someone could help me shrink one of the latest 128GB images by about 2GB..

Hey dude, most images are "written" onto 128gb cards, so it seems you may have a cheaper version or something 🙁

Yes i do, hence why i made this thread.. i'm sure there are some 128GB images that are not filled to the brink (like 126GB or something..)

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