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MacOS Native Display Rotation Issue

Hi all!

I've been setting up Hyperpie mac edition on an old Macbook and it's been going swimmingly (thanks for the amazing videos!). The only issue I've run into is that Attractmode and/or Retroarch has a serious display issue and crashes if I have the display rotated with the native Mac display settings.

A little background: because of the way my cab is built and the monitor I'm using, I had to install it upside down. Usually it's not an issue because it's so easy to just rotate the display with the OS. Unfortunately Hyperpie gets really screwed up when the rotation is enabled. I've included a video link below of what's happening.

I didn't see anything about if this was a known issue or an oddity on my end. If there's a fix, great! Otherwise I may be doing a cab rebuild!

Thanks in advance and for all the work you've put into this system!!

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