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MAME cocktail cabinet

Does anyone know of any good pre-built images that work well with MAME in a cocktail cabinet? I have a cabinet I bought, that came with controllers and I installed hyperspin on it but it doesn't work well and I am tired of maintaining it. I would like a pi image that just works. If other systems work too that would be a bonus. I tried to use veripi but I didn't like it very much.


Thanks in advance.

Oh, lol. I was JUST going to mention VertPie. I've been fixing it over the last couple of days as I just discovered it and like you, am doing a vertical cabinet. There really doesn't seem to be anything else, tho.

Here is what I've done:
-Switched things to the emulators in RetroArch that will run them...makes life MUCH easier
-Updated everything. It is now on RetroPie 4.4 and works on the 3b+


If you actually find something let me know. But as far as something that someone took the time to build for this specific purpose, on the Pi VertPie seems to be all there is for now.

Does vertipi support cocktail flipping?

I might be converting a moonbase table i've had for years from a pc with gamelauncher and a fully customised cocktail flipping menu etc to a pi... but not sure if i could achieve the same level of awesome.

would be nice to update it though...

i'm guessing it would work as it's mame.

so if there isn't a fully working version... there will be soon as i will be doing it.

also, is there a way to use overlay art etc?


i've never seen that on a pi build...


as seen here on my table with space invaders...












hi guys have you guys tried arpicade ???


aits pretty cool and simple. also i dont know where to post this but i need help with two things 1) i have been trying to burn the pandoras box image on the site but every time i load it into the pie it doesnt boot up and it has wayyy to many files so i was thinking maybey that was the reason why its not working also @) iam trying to find the raspberry pi image for nessica x  that link from the site , doesnt work ,