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MAME Update?


Which version of MAME should we use to update with in this Launchbox build if we want to update to the latest version since there are many versions out there? I tried to update using the latest base MAME version 0.216 from MAMEDEV.ORG, but some things does not work like the current version loaded in the build.

Could I replace just the MAME64.EXE to update or there are more steps to update in the build to keep it the way it is now?

Thank you.

AFAIK, if you want to update MAME, you need to either get all the MAME updates (starting from 209, i.e. Wolfanoz's version, up to the current version) plus the current MAME emulator or get the current MAME roms plus the current MAME emulator.

AFAIK, when it comes to MAME, you should keep rom pack version and emulator version the same. Otherwise, problems may arise.

Unless there is a specific game that has been added that you want, don't bother to update mame. Each mame version should have it's own set of roms, so if everything you like is on there, don't move. If it works ok leave it alone.

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