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MLP 2tb HS build support thread FAQ

You need BOTH and, with out them it won't work.  The reason it's split into two different zip files is on account of the zip file limitation.


First, thanks for making this available.  It's an amazing image.

I grabbed the nzb image and everything seems to be working really well.  The only thing is that my MAME folder seems to be missing everything from "88 Games to Flip & Flop.

Can anyone tell me which torrent to get that will help me fill in the missing ROMs?

Thanks in advance and happy new year, everyone!



To answer my own question, grab the torrent for the fillers to complete the MAME folder.


Does anyone know which version of MAME is used in the 2TB build?

Q: Will the files still be shared? I stumbled upon them a week ago but there seem to be no peers that will share them. Is there another chance to get that awesome pack? Thanks!

hi guys. I cannot find any working inks (torrent or nzb). could you pease help me?

Quote from xelanaiznac on August 9, 2019, 9:21 am

hi guys. I cannot find any working inks (torrent or nzb). could you pease help me?

Fairly old now, would not of thought this would download easy enough....

Why not check out whats hot and very downloadable at the moment...

2.6tb Launchbox Big Box Fully Loaded PC Build from Wolfanoz

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