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N64 games not working with joysticks or buttons


I cannot get Nintendo 64 games to work with the joysticks or buttons.

Hardware: Rasp Pi 3 B, Xin-Mo USB.  (purchased from Game Room Solutions)

I am running HyperPie 2 and, for the most part, most games work.  All buttons and joysticks are mapped correctly and are working correctly.

Nintendo 64 games do not work with the joystick or buttons.  I have a keyboard attached and that appears to be working with the N64 games.

I think I may have found the problem, but I have no idea on how to fix it.

1. I looked at mupen64plus.cfg in the configs folder and confirmed the contents to be correct for the Xin-Mo and joysticks.

2. I ran Mario Kart 64.

3. Joystick and buttons do not work.

4. Looked at mupen64plus.cfg again, and it was modified.  I have no idea how this gets modified.  It appears it was changed to use the keyboard.

Don't know what changes this file, but this must be the issue.  How can I get N64 games to work with the buttons and joysticks?  Any help?

When in game hit your Hot Key and X , might have to us a 2nd controller, One in ReroArch set your joystick/contoller under Conrtols,
Back back and down the bottom you have 2 options Save the settings for that game or every game using that mupen64 core

I think I may have found the solution to my problem.

There may be an issue with the Xin-Mo USB controllers.


The Xin-Mo controller that I have has an internal identification as: Xinmotek Xinmotek Dual Controller

In the configuration files sent to me, has it is identified as: Xin-Mo Xin-Mo Dual Arcade


Change the name in the configuration file, appears to solve the problem.


Which configuration file did you change?

Where is the directory is this configuration file located?


What was the actual wording of the change from what to what?

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