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New guy needs help getting started

I have downloaded the retrorama 40 gb pack and I am ready to do my sd card.  I don't want to mess it up. Am I correct that I will have to un zip it format  it with sd card formator and flash it with win 32 dick imager. If this is correct please let me know if not any advice would be appreciated. im using windows 10

once you download the image, it should be in several "parts"

unzip part 1, and it should unzip and compile all of the parts into one "image" file.


insert your sd card into your pc and format it,


open windisk imager


select the correct drive to write to , dbl check this, triple check if neccessary


select the file to write ( the "image file"


press start, go, write, whatever the do this now option is labeled,


go make a sandwich while it writes.


when done, eject sd card, insert into pie and get your game on,.


it was ninja.... :P

Thank you for your help canter6.

you are most welcome!, hope everything works out for you, if not, let us know.


it was ninja.... :P