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New to this whole wonderful thing!

Hi guys, first off thank you for any and all help/advice you can give me. I was wondering, if I just wanted to run a single emulator on my pc like FBA with roms do I download a rom pack from here? I have had a hard time trying to get roms to work for that emulator. I didn't want to dive to deep and use retrospin or retropie on an odroid or anything like that because I dont even know where to start so I wanted to start off simple on my PC. But ya, what would you guys say would be the easiest course of action to quickly play some roms with FBA then go from there once im more familiar. Thanks again for all the help!

After buying a hyperspin drive off ebay i found it all a bit confusing and ended up trying launchbox. So easy to set up and fiddle around with. Looks very nice as well and it's free. If you want bells and whistles later then it can be upgraded to bigbox.

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