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Newbie help


Just discovered there is such a thing as a Pandora Box.  Would love to add one of these to my old arcade machine with plenty of mid 80's classics such as Pac-land,  SplattterHouse, Moonwalker , etc .


Can someone point me on right direction how to do this,  as I say totally new to this but follow instructions well .

Just opened my machine and I found out I have a Blue Elf 2 2009 that has a jamma wiring kit.

Thanks in advance

Hey buddy

To be honest with you though, why not build your own, grab an image you like, get a jamma adaptor on a Pi and away you go ?


Thanks mate

Is there instructions on how to do this and I'd defo try it?

Download, unpack and burn instructions FOUND HERE

then you just grab one of the thousands of images (would go with the latest) found on the site....


Yeah, Raspberry Pi with RetroPie is such a better way to go.  Those Pandora boxes can be a pain

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