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Newbie who needs help

Sorry in advance if this has already been asked or is a totally stupid question. I have clicked on the Wolfanoz 256GB RPi3BPlus RetroPie_4.4 NZB file, now what do I do lol. Is there any way to open/extract the image without having to sign up and pay for a membership to a site like Usenet? Any and all help would be greatly appreciated.

There should be some free Usenet (news servers) out there,
This is what i do and have
Easynews Account (usenet)
NewsLeecher (program) to read and open the NZB's, so it can Download (probably other better and newer programs out there) You need one of them

Thats it.!,   Usenet been around before the internet (BBS day)

Hey Jaz808, so I would have to do free trial at easynews and then download the newsleecher to download the image? Is there another site that you can just download a complete set of ROMS without having to do this?

You might have to grab an image that has a Torrent File, i wouldn't know about other free servers as i have had this Easynews account nearly 25 years
Newleecher is very old and so am i, i think NzbGrab-It or NzbSnag-It is the new one (don't quote me on the names)

Thank you, I really appreciate your help.

I am still needing help. Quick run down, I have loaded retropie 4.4 to a 32GB sd card and have it up and going on my pi. I got a little ambitious and decided to download the Wolfanoz 256GB RPi3BPlus RetroPie_4.4 NZB file. I signed up with a news server, downloaded SABnzbd and currently have the disk image on my desktop. I thought once I unpacked the file with SABnzbd all I would have to do is extract the disk image with 7zip and would be able to pick and choose what Roms and the associated splashscreens I wanted and put them on a 256GB USB drive. Boy was I wrong. When I try to extract the image it just creates another disk image that I am unable to do anything with.  Am I missing a step? Is the Wolfanoz image a front end that needs to be on the SD card? I am really confused. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Any tutorials out there you guys would suggest?

Jump in the HELP section and read DOWNLOAD/EXTRACT/WRITE instructions 🙂

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