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Newcomer to Touch Screen Emulation

Hi, I've been on the HyperSpin/RocketLauncher scene for a while and am now branching out to look into SimpleTouchFE and the various credit apps.

As far as my understanding goes from various forums/notes etc, the best OS to select is Win XP/7 instead of Win 10 as Aladdins list shows only about half of the available games run on Win 10. However, I would like to know whether these were tested in compatibility mode?

Furthermore, I have set Windows XP to run in VirtualBox and seem to have less success running even the credit apps than with Windows 10. I assume there may be some additional software needed but I have yet to find a definitive list. I have stumbled upon the following remarks on other forums which I will try, but it would be reassuring to hear others experiences.

- Flash
- Shockwave
- Activx

Perhaps also running a virtual machine is not sufficient enough?




Aladdins Live Working Touchscreen Games List

Hi Adam,

I believe that running in compatability mode is not enough. I have had a few questions on here answered by Aladdin himself, and certainly the games that only run on xp do not work in xp compatability mode in windows 7. I would assume that would be the same running xp in  virtualbox too.

Thanks for reply. I'm not too concerned about 5 or 6 games that do not work in Win 7 compared to XP, but Win 10 seems to drop down to half runnable games so almost rules that out entirely. Guess I have to install a previous OS to test properly!

I just installed Windows 7 (64 bit) for my new touchscreen build, will keep posted

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